Updated on 28 Dec 2018

This testimonial / reference was written while I was still working at ACU and looking at supporting a higher position.

As a part of my role as Circulation Co-ordinator for UNILINC, the company supplies library software services to ACU National, I have worked with and liaised with Brent Knigge for many years. Brent had a key role in implementing and now manages, amongst other duties, the upload of student data from ACU’s Banner system to UNILINC’s Aleph library system.

Brent is methodical and thorough and combines professional courtesy with personal attention to detail and a dedication to obtaining the best possible outcome for any job to which he is involved. He applies his skills and his time very efficiently, and has a proven record of productive collaboration with individuals within and without ACU. He is patient when explaining Information and Communication Technology issues to non-IT people, and explains complex issues clearly, which I believe is why he has been asked by ACU to teach IT to undergraduate classes.

Brent is an attentive listener and communicator and a great asset to ACU. Within the few months I know that Brent was asked for advice and then was able to write a program to put in place a process, to output from data found in Banner, barcodes for the new ACU student ID cards. He also, in just the last week, was able to clearly explain the functioning of Aleph library system in relation to its interaction with the ACU email server so that the breadth of the changeover to the new email system and its impact on the library could be fully understood by key ACU library staff.

I without hesitation would highly recommend Brent for any promotion position that he seeks.