Updated on 28 Dec 2018


  • I am no longer doing any active development with Flex.
  • I have removed the Flex tutorials from my website.


The ADChecker program is an Adobe AIR application. This means that I have a flex front-end with a PHP back end and an application that is distributed and used like an executable.

It is a simple application that has been very well received by numerous departments in the university because they’ve finally got something that gives them Active Directory and Student Information Systems data on the one screen. A letter of appreciation was sent to various IT managers commending my efforts in building this application.


The version number that appears on the application comes from the NativeApplication object. You can learn how to do this from the Flex 4 Cookbook (which I might add is excellent), however the XML schema has changed slightly from 4.5 so you will need to fiddle around a little. I.e. in 4 it was version. In 4.5 it is versionNumber.

I also used the ApplicationUpdater object so that whenever I made changes I could push it to the server and the application automatically checks for available updates. I learnt how to do that from the flex 4 cookbook.