My clients are very appreciative of the work I do for them. I know because they tell me. Sometimes they tell other people, and sometimes they put their thoughts in writing and send it up the chain. This is a compilation of some of the emails and letters that have been sent.

Lecturer of the Year

I was voted one of the top lecturers at ACU for 2012 by UniJobs Lecturer of the Year.

Over 30,000 nominations, and I ranked number 5.

Wollongong Diocese

Dear Brent,

Please find enclosed Part A. Thanks for your assistance - you have been extremely helpful, insightful and innovative.

Kind regards,



I just want to express appreciation and commend the effort that Brent Knigge has put in developing the little tool named (AD Checker) which allows us to check student basic records (ID, Name and email address) and compare those records across AD and Banner.


As a part of my role as Circulation Co-ordinator for UNILINC, the company supplies library software services to ACU National, I have worked with and liaised with Brent Knigge for many years. Brent had a key role in implementing and now manages, amongst other duties, the upload of student data from ACU’s Banner system to UNILINC’s Aleph library system.

What my students are saying

COMP306 - Software Design & Development

One of the best units/lecturers I've had at this Uni who challenged my learning and greatly extended my knowledge. It was one of my units that I always looked foward to and inspired me to push further in my computing skills.

Deferred Exam Application

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding customer service Examinations and Results have received from Brent Knigge, Senior Web and System Analyst Programmer, Information Technology.

Academic Workloads

I just wish to inform you that Brent Knigge has been invaluable in assisting the Faculty of Education with a workaround for a difficult situation. We needed a way to determine 2011 academic workloads in order to populate 2011 Course Enrolment Guides.

Literacy Assessment

During the past 9 months Brent Knigge has offered invaluable technical work for the Religious Literacy Assessment Project. Brent's work has enabled the Wollongong Catholic Education Office and Parramatta Catholic Education Office Religious Literacy Assessment data to be checked and analysed very efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy.