Sooty Time - Is a cat better than a girlfriend/boyfriend

Our almighty and knowledgeable gym instructor was helping a friend cope with being single. The advice given to the single lass was that maybe she should get a cat. Apparently they're very loyal and cuddly, and of course the constant innuendo and overtures of being able to play with her pussy when she got home. Me being a cat owner managed to chime in every now and then with the virtues of owning a cat, and the joy they bring to your life.

It was a tough gym class, but I did manage to escape scrutiny from our almighty and knowledgeable gym instructor because even though there are some crazy cat women out there, there's no such thing for us blokes. I got away unscathed, but I know my luck will run out eventually.

Now even though my single friend is quite content with her pot plant(s) at the moment, I thought I would share some photos with her of how Sooty is at my place.

A comfy bed - You know you have a comfy bed when your cat is this comfortable...

Mix it up a bit - Sooty is very protective of my clothing. You are best to leave him be than try and put your clothes away...

Squishing up next to you - You might have a Queen size bed, but Sooty likes cuddling up next to me (especially in winter). If I were on the couch he would be stretched out on my legs as if I were his personal electric blanket.

Waiting for his milk - Sooty has a routine in the morning which involves eating, being combed and having his milk. If he wants milk, he'll wait on the corner of the table until I bring his bowl to him.

Drinking his milk - that's a new bowl he got for Christmas. In summer he'll enjoy a little bit of ice-cream as well, especially if I'm sitting on the couch.

Pot Plants - He seems to takes a fancy to my Kentia Palm. Perhaps it offers a different taste to the cat grass which he pukes up every now and then.


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