Hawaii Trip - the best holiday ever

Going to Hawaii was the best holiday ever. I loved it, and so did Maria. In fact she commented to me that this was the easiest holiday she'd ever been on, and that was because I was there to find our way around. She didn't have to remember anything. With a Catholic Church across the road from our hotel (for Maria to join the mass), the beach across the other road and an ABC store in the foyer area you couldn't really go wrong.

If you go to Waikiki you should definitely look at getting tickets to use the trolley system to get around the area. Pink line takes you to Ala Moana shopping precinct with over 290 shops and restaurants. We ate at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks as well as the food court. Could you believe I actually got steak and veges from a food court - and it was great!

It is unfortunate that I know that shopping plaza better than what I should, but Maria really wanted to shop!

The green line of the Trolley system took us on a scenic tour, and we got off at Diamond Head and hiked up the trail through an old gun battery to the top of the ridge. The fabled 99 steps I ran up 2 at a time with an American accent behind me Wow, look at him go. Yes I made it to the top - and I went back and did it a second time. (In case you didn't know I keep myself very fit)

We didn't do any other guided tours (save that for next time), but here's a quick summary of our experience.

  • The trolley system they use is great; especially the pink line. Always good to get a bus back to your hotel with your shopping.
  • The food is great. You have a choice of restaurants and food courts, and we enjoyed them all. The CheeseCake Factory is a must visit for a meal and I can recommend the Hibachi steak.
  • Cheesecake from The CheeseCake Factory is also a must, and if you get take away, stop by the ABC stores and get a small punnet of Hageen Daz ice cream to have with it. Yum.
  • Beach during the day, shopping at night. The shops close around 11pm in Waikiki and its great to see so many people wandering around at this time of night.
  • Anyone that has tried Noogi or Moochi (frozen yoghurt) would love Yoghurt-Land. It is so much better because they have 4 times as many flavours and you build your own! Pour your own frozen yoghurt and add your own ingredients (in my case fresh fruit). Yum.
  • Beautiful warm weather with sheltered beaches, oh and did I mention that our hotel was right across the road from the beach!
  • For those that like shopping, there is plenty to be had

We spent a week in Waikiki, and even though we did no tours (just the Waikiki Trolley) we never got bored. Maria and I just had a nice relaxing time, and you know what; it really was the best holiday ever.


I hear Guantanamo bay is quite nice too.

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Hurry up with the pics....

By Goatrutar (not verified)

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