A long weekend in Perth

It was the Queen's Birthday long weekend, and Maria her daughter Reena and I went to the other side of the country to explore Perth. You may also want to check out the Photos as well.

Our weekend started with a Qantas A330 and an older style entertainment system sewn into the back of the seat in front of us. It's about the size of the video screen I have for the front door; which isn't very much at all. The flight back was better because Qantas have upgraded the entertainment system to a new Panasonic touch screen model that is completely built into the back of the seat. It is definitely worth checking out.

We stayed at the Rydges in the heart of the city. It was fantastic and it was so central to everything; Hay Street Mall, Murray Street Mall and the Perth Underground. The girls loved the proximity of the 2 malls and enjoyed wandering around and doing a bit of shopping. I was happy that I bought a book with me for reading during the down time and while the girls did shopping.

Reena was pretty good and got a sense of the geography and found her way around all right. Maria on the other hand switched off because I'm there to do that part for her. Needless to say, it made for some interesting conversation.

Maria: Which way do we go? Left or Right?
Reena: No Mum, we go straight

The Rydges is located on Hay Street, just down from the Hay Street Mall. Nice and close, and easy enough for Reena to find her way back to the hotel if she needed to. Part of growing up is being given a little bit more freedom and I encouraged Maria to let her daughter wander around the mall precinct on her own and to be back at the hotel by a certain time. Reena was grateful to have some alone time to do her own thing, and after the initial trepidation Maria seemed to relax a bit. On the last morning Reena went her own way and had Subway for breakfast while Maria and I went to a lovely Cafe in London Court.

During the trip we managed to:

  • Have lunch at Kalis seafood restaurant at Fremantle
  • Catch up with my Cousin twice - once for lunch at Fremantle (see above) and once where he and his wife cooked us a nice meal
  • Catch the train to Fremantle
  • Have a half day tour that dropped us off at Fremantle with a river cruise back to Perth.
  • Mess up the timing with the cruise and missed out on the tour of the Fremantle prison.

A positive difference from the Melbourne trip was the reduced cost of incidentals. We found two Woolworths stores in the CBD and we were able to purchase single serve cereal packs and a few 160ml UHT milk for breakfast. I opted for the fruit salad and up and go. Luckily the hotel supplied teaspoons, but I will definitely be taking some cutlery on my next trip so we can purchase our own breakfast instead of forking out $25 some places want to charge for cereal, tinned fruit and a croissant.

Overall we had a really good time, and I'm certain that a significant part of that was the location of the hotel. It was just so convenient. Also we managed to do a little bit of all sorts; a guided tour, catching up with family, wandering around and catching public transport. Next time we'll look at other areas including Rottnest Island and the Swan Valley, and yeah, we'll be coming back!


Looks like you both had a lot of fun for the weekend. Wish we were there to.

By Nana (not verified)

I'd like to go back in Freemantle. That fish and chips at Kalis Seafood Restaurant was so delicious. The Margaret River Chocolates are sensational! Truly wonderful long weekend in Perth.

By Maria (not verified)

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