Hawaii Trip - Remember Us

It was about an hour into the flight to Hawaii when the announcement was made. If there is a doctor on the flight can you please come to the rear of the aircraft and make yourself known to cabin staff.

Oh that's not nice I thought. Someone going to Hawaii for a holiday and they require some sort of medical attention on the flight. I didn't hear much more except that about an hour later they repeated the request and extended the invitation to nurses as well.

The next thing I thought about was Christina. Christina goes to the gym and we share a few classes together. She is very fit and is also training to be a doctor. So naturally I thought Wow, we really need Christina on this flight. Then I went through the different scenarios of what the symptoms might be and how she would respond. (I've seen her in action and she is pretty damn good). Of course with the second announcement I got to think about her twice on the flight.

Later on I found out the person was seated a few rows behind me and had a sore back. Heck even I could have helped with that - but I digress.

After a night flight and not really having any sleep I think my brain was frazzled to an extent that I wasn't capable of thinking about much of anything. That is of course until I hit the beach and injured my foot on the coral rocks at Waikiki. My foot didn't feel right so I asked Maria to have a look at it.

You've got a hole in your foot Maria told me.

A hole? A hole in my foot? What the heck is that? My mind was still a bit jet lagged but I did think Would Christina tell me I had a hole in my foot? Would her diagnosis be different?. Later that night I realized I didn't have a hole in my foot but rather a bit of dead coral and Maria opted to remove it with her finger nails. I don't think Christina would do this I thought to myself. Surely not as I clenched my teeth to counter the pain as Maria squeezed a small part of my foot into oblivion.

Over the next few days there were no medical dramas, but Maria gave me a reminder. I'm getting this for Reena, I'm getting this for so and so, and that for someone else. Apart from my parents, will I get anything for anyone and if so who? Maybe I should get something for Christina (and Julia), and so off we go shopping looking at all the different things that I could possibly get them. I found something, so hopefully Christina and Julia like what I got for them.

Towards the end of my holiday there was only one other injury I sustained and that was scratching my thumb on some rocks. Later that night Maria applied aloe vera to my injuries and I thought to myself this is something that Christina would do, and from that point on I knew that I was in good hands. Thank you Maria for tending to my injuries, and thank you Christina for being someone that I was constantly reminded of and a focal point for my shopping.


She could start her own blog - called What would Christina do?

By Heidi (not verified)

How nice you thought of us!!!!!

Present was lovely, Thanks Brent!!!!

Greatly appreciated it....


By Giulia (not verified)

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