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Okay so I lucked out on Master of Orion, but there are 2 other games that I'm really looking forward to. One is the improved Flight Simulator from Dovetail games. From the screen shots that I've seen, I'm very excited. Now they've only got 3 planes in flight school, but I really hope I'll get the Baron B58 with G1000 or the Cirrus SR22T (also with G1000). I actually used the B58 in FSX because that seemed similar in performance to the SR22T, so I'm really hoping for that (or the Cessna ttx) in the new release. If that happens then I'd be really happy.

The other exciting thing I found was that DoveTail teamed up with Orbx to help produce the terrain. So if you have a look at the regional terrain graphics offered by Orbx, I'm really looking forward to what the new Flight Sim has to offer when it comes out.

The next game I'm really excited for is XCom2. This is a turn based strategy game with tactical combat. Unlike MOO2, we're dealing with soldiers and infantry based combat. You can do research, fitout your soldiers, complete missions etc. I imagine that there would be some sort of management aspect where you would need to balance production / training / research / food / missions etc. And when your soldiers get better, so to do their individual attributes. But becareful; if they die, they die and you don't get them back. So I imagine some disappointing times when I am a little careless and I lose a good soldier.


I've had XCom2 for well over a year now, and I love it. I really like this game, and I must say it is pretty damn tough until you nail down your tactics.

Unfortunately dovetail didn't continue with this. I'm now looking at XPlane 11 with scenery enhancements. Will keep you posted on how that pans out.

By Brent

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